The Smoothie Diet Review: 21 Day Recipe Program That Works?

The SMOOTHIE DIET Review is a revolutionary new life-transformation system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight and feel better than you have in years, it also promises to eliminate more body fat …


The SMOOTHIE DIET Review is a revolutionary new life-transformation system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight and feel better than you have in years, it also promises to eliminate more body fat faster than anything you’ve tried before.

Smoothie diet is a diet replacement for meals that ensures rapid weight loss. Follow the recommended diet and you might see some incredible benefits. The program had received huge media attention in a short period but no other program has received so much excitement in such a short time. A recent article suggested a strict one. Let’s deconstruct your diet and show you how it can help you to reach your weight loss targets. We also reveal the benefits and how it will help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Who should you try a Healthy Smoothie Diet?

The health benefits of leafy greens and fresh fruits aren’t debatable. This makes the diet ideal for anyone keen on improving their wellness, especially those who are looking forward to starting their weight loss journey.

Besides that, the program also plays a critical role in providing people who are always on the go with the essential nutrients. While they can skip meals or be tempted to grab fast foods due to a busy lifestyle, the liquid diet comes in handy since it’s easy to make and can be consumed while you are on the go.

Those who are working out can also benefit greatly from it. This is because the liquid drink is still an effective source of quality carbs that can be used to power workout sessions. For binge eaters, this is your go-to remedy since it helps you remain satiated for hours on end.

Lastly, it’s also worth noting that this diet plan also has a section for kids. If you have a child who is struggling with their weight or poor nutrition, they can get significant help by simply trying this digital program. Basically, the smoothie diet is for everyone!

Note: If you have an underlying health condition, then make sure that you first consult your doctor before using this diet program.

Is a Smoothie Diet Legit?

This diet program is healthy for anyone who wants to lose weight and remain healthy. For starters, it only features a guide with natural ingredients. Whatever you are going to use to prepare the drink, it should be natural.


Secondly, it features high amounts of essential nutrients that your body needs. This includes minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins. You get to eat fresh leafy greens, fruits, and other organic additives with low calories and healthy fats.

How does Smoothie Diet work?

Designed by Drew Sgoutas, the Smoothie Diet is supposed to work by facilitating weight loss and showing results in 21 days. But before you embark on the 21-day plan, you need to jump-start the weight loss process by using the 3-day smoothie detox, a bonus program that will assist you in flushing toxins and preparing your body.

After the detox, you will begin the actual 21 days journey which involves taking smoothies every day and using them as meal replacements. The smoothies should replace your two main meals and provide a lasting feeling of satiety, to ensure you don’t experience food cravings and hunger pangs.

Besides that, you should ensure that you consume a low-carb and high nutritious meal every day. This should consist of whole foods to cater for the deficiency caused by the meal replacements.


Because this smoothie diet plan consists of fiber and lots of water, it will end up hydrating your body and facilitating good digestive health. As a result, your body will end up absorbing more nutrients within a shorter period, unlike before.

The issue of meal replacement also makes sure that you avoid high-fat food products that may end up leading to the accumulation of excess fat.

How do I use a Smoothie Diet?

After the 3-day detox plan, you should use the Smoothie Diet, consistently for 21 days. This means that for three weeks, you should only consume one solid meal. The two remaining meal times should consist of this smoothie diet. However, you can also take healthy snacks.

How effective is the Smoothie Diet?

Studies show that abdominal visceral fat can cause life-threatening ailments like lung disease, fatty liver disease, and more. Understandably, losing weight and reducing fat are essential for a healthy body.

Experts say that in order to be healthy, eating right is more important than exercising. So, what could be a better and healthier way to start a fitness journey than eating healthy, natural foods?

There are extensive studies in support of eating fruits and vegetables for health benefits. Green smoothies offer a protective effect on our body, while fruit smoothies provide energy and fullness. 

The WHO suggests consuming five portions of fruits and vegetables. That’s because their health benefits can range from reduced risk of cancer to protection against cataracts. They can even change your skin.

What’s more, studies have also proven the importance of fruits and vegetables in weight loss. Clearly, The Smoothie Diet is no shortcut to weight loss. It is a science-backed approach towards healthy living.

The Smoothie Diet Reviews from Real Customers

The ultimate judge if the Smoothie Diet program is a scam or legit is its users. From their first-hand experience, potential customers should base their decision on whether they’ll try it or not. So far, most of the feedback from actual users is very positive.

Dawn, a mom from Arlington, Virginia, has lost 14 pounds in 21 days. After losing the weight, she said she wakes up every day now more confident and full of energy. Here’s the rest of her product review:

“I have just completed the Smoothie Diet..which in a word is FAB! The diet is very easy to get into, after only a few days I felt brilliant, full of energy! The smoothies are so tasty, filling and are never boring! I will continue to have smoothies every day as now it has become a way of life for me! If you are looking to lose weight and make a healthy life change then try this, – I couldn’t have asked for more than this! Thanks for everything!”

Jade from New York has lost 12 pounds in 21 days. She said she loses her stubborn belly fat and get rid of her love handles. Here’s the rest of her review:


“I’ve been trying forever to lose the last 10-15 lbs. and tone up and that’s exactly what happened so I am very happy. I feel great about myself, I don’t find myself holding in my belly anymore and feel confident about myself and people have noticed that about me too…and my love handles are gone! I couldn’t be happier with this whole program and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to lose a little or lose a lot.”

Sarah, a mom from Tulsa, Oklahoma, dropped 3 pounds in 3 days! Here’s what she said about the Smoothie Diet program:

“I’ve never seen the weight come off like this. I really LOVE this ‘diet’! It’s more like a life overhaul! I have more energy than I’ve had in years and my skin is actually glowing! This is the perfect “Mommy Makeover” I was looking for. In the last few weeks I wasn’t hungry at all, and it is the perfect complement to my busy lifestyle. I know that I am losing weight in a healthy way! My husband has started asking me more frequently if I would make him a smoothie, which is wonderful! Thank you 10 million times!”

These are just a few of the incredible feedback from happy and satisfied dieters who tried the Smoothie Diet program. To check for more feedback from other users, potential customers should visit the Smoothie Diet’s official website, or they may do their research online, especially on YouTube.

Results vary from one user to another. Many factors may affect weight-loss progress and performance, such as the person’s metabolism, lifestyle changes, and how strict they stick with the program.

Where can I buy Smoothie Diet?


60-day money-back guarantee


You’re covered for a full 60 Days. If for any reason you decide that this program is not for you, simply drop me an email and let me know and I’ll give you a refund…every penny, without questions, without hassles. This is a completely risk-free offer.


The pros and cons of the Smoothie Diet

Pros of the Smoothie Diet

Promotes natural weight loss

Produces noticeable weight loss and wellness results within a month

Features healthy low-calorie smoothie meals

All the smoothies are made with natural ingredients

Comes with weekly shopping lists and makes grocery shopping easier

Promotes convenience by offering quick and easy meal preparation methods

Improves physical appearance, especially the skin, hair, and nails.


Cons of the smoothie diet

You might end up regaining the lost weight

Not ideal for long-term use continuously

The digital program can only be purchased from the company’s official website

It’s a diet that’s rich in carbs

Smoothie Diet Side Effects

Since the primary ingredients of smoothies are fruits and veggies, you may suffer from nutritional deficiencies if you follow this plan for several months on end after the 21-day program.

Since this is a liquid diet, there’s a possibility that you will face reduced energy levels. The drastic dietary change may also cause dizziness, nausea, concentration problems, headaches, diarrhea, etc.

Long-term consumption of liquid smoothies can lead to muscle loss. You may also develop gallstones or digestive issues if you stay on a liquid diet for several months.  

You may also develop an unhealthy relationship with solid foods, as you go out of practice with healthy habits of portion control, meal timing, dealing with hunger pangs, etc.  

Therefore, it is essential to follow the guidelines for 21 days to incorporate good proteins and fats, along with other nutrients. Eventually, you should move back to solids and follow a healthy diet.


Smoothie Diet Bonuses


This Detox program is easily worth the price of the whole program. This is something you can do before you start the 21-Day program to help clear out the “cobwebs” and get your body ready for optimal results. It can also be used anytime you want to lose a quick few pounds or “Reset” your health after you go off track (like over the holidays). The great thing is that you will see almost instant weight loss results. One of my clients lost 3 Lbs in 3 Days with this detox program*. The program includes 3 days of 3 specially designed meal replacement detox smoothie recipes, a complete shopping list for everything you need, as well as your choice of 2 recipe options.


If you’re anything like me, you wanna get right to the good stuff! I designed this guide to be an easy reference you can print out and start using right away without needing to read the longer core guide. It’s a condensed version of the core guide that contains the 3-week schedule, shopping lists, prep guide, and smoothie recipes. This is a fast track “to do” list that will help you start enjoying the benefits of the program from the very first instant you download it.

Final Thoughts about The Smoothie Diet Reviews

The Smoothie Diet is a legit diet created and designed by Coach Drew which can effectively help people lose weight within 21 days. This weight-loss program enables dieters to lose weight as its smoothies made of fruits and vegetables are used as a meal replacement in three weeks. It means that the dieter cut off their carbohydrate and calories consumption and replaced it with nutritious and weight-loss-boosting smoothies.

The premise of this diet program is simple. When an individual stops eating carbohydrates-loaded foods and sticks to a healthy and slim-boosting diet, losing pounds of weight in three weeks is achievable. And this is what makes this product very effective.


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