26+ Barnes 168 Ttsx Bc PNG

26+ Barnes 168 Ttsx Bc PNG. Barnes is perfect for 308 under most circumstances. These bullets usually retain 100% of their original weight, making.

30/06 & 150 grain Barnes TTSX bullets
30/06 & 150 grain Barnes TTSX bullets from hunting-washington.com

These are a high bc, expanding bullet designed for hunting at all ranges. I have killed a bunch of big alaskan game with tsx bullets in 168gr 308 out of a 300 rum and some buddies have used the 270gr tsx in 375. Dissapointing since it shoots well under powder is h4350.

For all of these reasons and more federal premium has decided to once again load some of their premium ammunition with the barnes tsx tip.

A polymer tip has been added to the newest version of barnes' triple shock x bullet. Barnes tipped tsx (ttsx) bullets.30 cal.308 168 gr ttsxbt 50/ct. Deeper into the case than.100 will start to compress the powder with. A flatter trajectory for shots beyond 500 yards.