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View Barn Swallow Diet PNG. The barn swallow is the most abundant and widely distributed bird in the world. Though their diet consists mostly of flying insects and dead insects, they will on occasion eat berries and seeds.

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Barn swallows are the most widespread of all swallow species — they're found on every continent 99.8 per cent of their diet during the breeding season is flying insects. The barn swallow has an attractive plumage: Barn swallows fly in a zigzag manner at the speed of 11 meters per second.

In fact, approximately 99.8% of their diet is animal matter.

4.1k watchers206.7k page views629 deviations. Barn swallows are quite opportunistic, and are often found following tractors engaged in plowing or. People not fond of insects can appreciate their insectivorous diet. The barn swallow hirundo rustica is a small migratory farmland bird that breeds synanthropically in the barn swallow hirundo rustica epitomises some of the risk factors that have been shown to.