Download Barnes 243 85 Grain Tsx Load Data Images

Download Barnes 243 85 Grain Tsx Load Data Images. This distance off the lands (rifling), aka jump may be limited to the rifles throat length, magazine length and bullet length. .243 winchester (using sierra bullets) reloading data with 551 loads.

Barnes .277 / 6.8mm 85 Grain Triple-Shock X Flat Base ...
Barnes .277 / 6.8mm 85 Grain Triple-Shock X Flat Base … from

3068 fps velocity at 300 yds: 85 grain 243 load 9mm 147 grain load data 9mm fmj 147 grain load date 300 blackout 125 grain load data barnes ttsx 308 150 grain load data electrical load forecasting and impact of load management application 185 grain 45 acp 178 grain eld x 9mm 115 grain against the. The bullet that delivers a triple impact one when it first strikes game, another as the bullet begins opening, and a third devastating impact when the specially engineered cavity fully expands to deliver extra shock and maximum transferred energy.

Multiple rings cut into the shank relieve pressures and virtually eliminate copper fouling.

Using bullets from sierra blitzking, sierra hp, sierra blitzking or hpbt matchking, sierra sbt, sierra spt or hpbt, sierra fmjbt. Doubletap dt longrange 243w85x.243 winchester 85 grain solid copper lead free projectile barnes tsx hollow point reloadable brass case muzzle velocity: H4350 and rl 17 are the only loads listed by barnes and this bullet is too new for the i've heard you can take the load for a heavier bullet (like the 85 grain tsx) and use that but i was wondering if anyone had a favorite load for this guy. Load data is a little sparse for the 80 grain tipped version for 243.