47+ Barnes 168 Tsx 308 Load Data Pictures

47+ Barnes 168 Tsx 308 Load Data Pictures. My load books don't specifically cover loading with barnes tsx bullets, but i have many bullets(130gr 308) are extremely short for their weight class and can work with much lower pressure. Referred to as od 308 in my range book and notes, this rifle is one of my favorite shooters.

IMR 4895 reloading - M14 Forum
IMR 4895 reloading – M14 Forum from img839.imageshack.us

Nosler accubond lr 168 gr. Having overlooked the 168 smk in my main 308 rifle, i decided it was time to begin working up some loads. Click get data to view results.

Looking for load data for hornady 178 gr eldx, to match hornady super performace ammo.

308 marlin express load data. These bullets usually retain 100% of their original weight, making. I have neither of them if someone has the latest book i would greatly appreciate your help. A database of.308 winchester handloads.