19+ Barnes Bullets Load Data 308 Pics

19+ Barnes Bullets Load Data 308 Pics. When loading a barnes tsx, tipped tsx or lrx bullet, your rifle may prefer a bullet jump of anywhere between (a minimum of).050 up to.250 or more. Barnes 308 caliber bullets reloading guide.

Barnes .308 / 30 150 Grain Tac X Boat Tail Bullet (50 ct ...
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I have had real good results the the 178 hornady in my my.308 win rifles are usually good for less than.75 inch at 100 and sometimes i can get all 5 bullets touching. Barnes 308 bullets found in: The sierra bullets technicians frequently get inquiries asking us to explain why the load data appears to be inconsistent.

Other bullets that might work would be the 178 hornady amax and 175 barnes match burner.

I also hadn't considered loading lighter bullets that also will reduce recoil. Barnes' xpb bullets are exceptionally accurate and leave no residue to harm shooters in practice environments. Choose the.308 diameter rifle bullet that's right for you. Barnes bullets have been in the bullet making business since 1932.