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19+ Barn Swallow Lifespan Gif. Swallows, or hirundo rustica, are common widespread birds, which are similar to, an often seen with, swifts and martins. Barn swallows of 8 years of age have been documented, but these are considered the exception.

Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) | Idaho Fish and Game
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The barn swallow is present in tennessee from late march through early october. Choose a temperature scenario below to see which threats will affect this species as. The barn swallow is a small, agile bird that visits open waters, wetlands and farm fields throughout barn swallows can't carry mud in their tiny claws.

The barn swallow's habit of nesting in barns makes this the most familiar swallow to tennesseans.

See more ideas about barn swallow, swallow tattoo, swallow. The barn swallow hirundo rustica is a small migratory farmland bird that breeds synanthropically in the barn swallow hirundo rustica epitomises some of the risk factors that have been shown to. Barn swallows fly in a zigzag manner at the speed of 11 meters per second. Barn swallow (photo by j.j.