17+ Barnes 70Gr Tsx Review Background

17+ Barnes 70Gr Tsx Review Background. Barnes 62gr tsx 4 barrel lengths chronograph video sorry the camera din't get focused well at the beginning, i'm not sure what's wrong. The tsx has gained worldwide recognition as one of the deadliest, most dependable bullets you can buy.

BARNES TIPPED TSX .411 300GR FB (50PACK) - Shooter's ...
BARNES TIPPED TSX .411 300GR FB (50PACK) – Shooter's … from shootersdelight.com.au

At a nominal length of 1.037 it is longer than the heavier 77 grain sierra matchking. In high velocity rounds it is the way to go. Federal premium barnes tsx,.300 win.

We really put this one through the paces and give your our.

Be first to review this item. The barnes triple shock x (tsx) bullet is made of 100% copper and contains no lead. Ballistic silver tip from winchester which i had found to be an absolutely devastating round on everything from whitetail to axis, and even sub 200 lb. If you know anything about the tests done on the tsx and the 70 grain version in particular, you have heard that the tips.