14+ Barn Swallows Eat Mosquitoes Pics

14+ Barn Swallows Eat Mosquitoes Pics. Barn swallows are related to the purple martin and are also famous as one of the kinds of birds that eat mosquitoes. Barn swallows are especially fond of eating mosquitoes, gnats, and flying termite swarmers.

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Structures such as the one on the right above have been built to provide nesting habitats for barn. During the breeding season these birds will feed in pairs and fly at a low altitude. Birds such as barn swallows and purple martins are capable of eating pounds of mosquitoes and other insects.

They are noted for being air borne insectivores.

The barn swallow (hirundo rustica) is the most widespread species of swallow in the world. Barn swallows are kind of messy, however, they eat mosquitoes. However, only when mosquitoes are around, because some of the major bird species that have a mosquito diet include barn swallows, waterfowls, geese, ducks, purple martins and. They eat worms and insects but they do not scoop up every insect, they leave some behind.